"It’s true that some are preaching out of jealousy and rivalry. But others preach about Christ with pure motives. They preach because they love me, for they know I have been appointed to defend the Good News. Those others do not have pure motives as they preach about Christ. They preach…

"Quoting Jesus makes you lots of Christian friends. Taking what He said serious is the fastest way to lose them."

— D. R. Silva (via blakebaggott)

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This song means a lot to me right now.

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"Look, I’m sorry people have been people, but Jesus has been Jesus and I heard Him say “follow Me” and not them."

— Dan Mohler —on people who say they don’t go to church because of hypocrites. (via yesdarlingido)

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Prayers for the family of James Foley, and for peace in Iraq.


Prayers for the family of James Foley, and for peace in Iraq.

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New avatar, courtesy of the wonderful professional-radologist

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My Story

A good friend of mine calls it being “birthed from a Christian uterus.” I like it, so that’s what I’m gonna call it.

I was birthed from a Christian uterus at the nice young age of 0. It wasn’t a pleasant birth. Something about an umbilical cord being wrapped around my neck, slowing my heart rate and necessitating an emergency Caesarean section. Which may explain why I giggle to myself every time someone starts grouping people as the “A-section, B-section…”

I remember flying back to my birth country, Singapore, and being put into a church summer camp around the age of 5. I don’t remember much, but I do remember the altar call at the end of it - after explaining that Jesus died for my sins, he asked if I wanted Him in my heart. I went up, along with several other people. I don’t know how much I understood, or how well I understood it, but something stuck. I learned more and more about God and Jesus as the years went by.

Skip forward a few years, and I’m in California. For reasons that were unimportant to me as a chid, we were in the United States of America. I’d had a mind like a sponge in those days, and I’d picked up everything from Algebra to the basic mechanics of DNA to memorizing the order of the books of the Bible by the end of elementary school. Quite a precocious child, by most standards.

I also learned about pornography. And my mind soaked it up.

And like a cow, digested each strand four times before releasing it as fertilizer for another round of grass.

It took me a while before I started trying to stop. But if you’ve ever tried to stop a cow… well, I haven’t ever tried to do that. But I’m sure it’s hard. 

It was impossible. I had lost control of my mind - the only thing I thought I could control in my life - the only thing that made me special, different - and  I had lost it to the cycle of pornography. 

I drifted into a cycle of guilt, shame, depression, anger, and guilt all over again. Some people say there is no rock bottom - and they may be right. But there is a point where you realize you’ve hit the point where life may no longer be worth living anymore. 

I was riding that edge of destruction, so to speak, for a while. In the tenth grade, on Veteran’s Day, my youth pastor had a message for us.

He talked about freedom - about how we were designed for it. We were meant to be free in open and good relationship with God. But then, sin happened. Sin, in the guise of freedom, stole it from us. We rejected God for enslavement to sin.

I understood that so well.

But God made a way for us to be right again. To experience freedom. And that was Jesus. Here, I think, is where I really understood what had been preached to me so many years ago in Singapore. That in trusting him and giving my life to him, I could finally find true freedom. Did I want that? 

I did.

On the drive home, I confessed to my mom. 

Fast forward a few years. I’m in Texas now. I’d never expected this. But it seems God had me here for a reason. I learned so much. How to counsel people, how to listen, how to teach. And eventually, how to evangelize and disciple. 

Talk to them, He said. So I did. 
Work with Cru, He said. So, after a few months of saying no, I did.

That’s where I am now. School starts next week, and with that, my job.

Win people to the life I have in Christ.
Build them up in their relationship with Him.
Send them out to do the same.

Let’s do this.