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Sometimes, I write jokes on FB referencing two people from completely different circles of friends.

There is only one other person in the world who has even a remote chance of knowing both two people.

Yeah, so sometimes I make inside jokes only I understand.

I am so cool.


sure i’ll check out your blog

*checks tagged/me*

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Anonymous said: I am a Christian. I believe in the Bible and I know that it is the truth. But I also believe partially in Evolution, on a very small scale: that all life adapts and changes to suit the environment it is in however it is intended by God but still Evolution. My sister think's that I can't just believe in a part of something and not the whole thing, I'm confused?


You’re right. Microevolution is a proven, observable fact. Macroevolution has never been observed and is totally bogus. 

You can be a Christian and not believe in evolution. You can be a Christian and believe in evolution. You can be a Christian and differentiate between micro- and macro-evolution. You can be a Christian and believe in one and not the other, or both.

You can’t be a Christian and deny the physical death and resurrection of Jesus (the) Christ.

Major on the majors, minor on the minors.



Silversmiths, they would take a giant pot, and put a bunch of raw silver in it. They’d heat it up super hot so that it’d glow, that it would melt, and all these impurities would rise to the top. And then as all the junk floats up they’d scoop it all out. And repeat. And they’d keep doing it until it was pure. This was the testing that silversmiths did to make it pure.

When is the silver actually pure? It was when the silversmith could look into it, after it cooled, and see the clear reflection of his face.

Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

James 1:2-4

Here’s another thing. Have you ever baked a cake before? Ever thought about just scooping two cups of flour into your mouth? Just swallowing a tablespoon of vanilla extract? Chomping on half a stick of butter? Gulp down a couple of raw eggs?

But whoever came up with the recipe— that guy was envisioning the end product. The cake isn’t just made up of individual components, and yeah, each of those individual components would probably taste terrible by itself. 

Imagine if I was trying to bake a cake and I was like, okay forget this flour stuff, it doesn’t taste good. Forget these eggs, I don’t think it belongs. Let’s not use that. I’m trying to make a dessert here. And I just leave everything else out.

But no, you don’t do that, you just grab every ingredient. You don’t care how it tastes. You just mix it all together and throw it in the oven and what I care about is what comes out at the end, that it’s this mature, complete product.

Franics Chan

paraphrased from Francis Chan @ Reality SF: Holiness above comfort

"The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off."

— Gloria Steinem (via yesdarlingido)


The Choice by Grace Ding, based on an idea by D

I’m so excited to finally share this project with you all! This is my first real (albeit short) comic project. Its been a long and difficult process (much longer than I expected it would be), but its finally done! I’ve learned a lot artistically through this project, but I’ll save those thoughts for a future post.

I do want to explain the origin of the story though. D, one of my friends, was telling me about a time in her life when she was struggling with self-hurt issues. D told me about how, in the midst of those struggles, God spoke to her by giving her the images that form the basis of this story. It helped her through that than and inspired me to make this comic.

Thanks for reading and I hope this story can be encouraging to you as it was for me. 

This is beautiful.

Welp. I’m out of shape.

rodimiss said: as an east coast kid i've only heard "ochem"











So far we have accumulated enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that no one on the west coast, east coast, or the Midwest says orgo.

Who are you mysterious orgo people?!?!? Who are you???

attn science side of tumblr we are doing an extremely important study on who actually says orgo

I say orgo and that is what I heard in my undergrad institution in Boston. (But I am a physicist so maybe the chem students said ochem?). Math person in my office who is from Mexico said he has hear ochem or carbonchem. Other physics person in my office has heard both ochem and orgo but she said that ochem is more common where she went to school (Chicago).

carbonchem? now we have to make a whole new addition to the survey this is getting out of hand

new england says orgo

Uni of Illinois says orgo, which wrecked me coming from California.

I say ochem (I took it at Western Washington University) but my girlfriend calls it orgo. She’s from Kentucky.

Said girlfriend from Kentucky (baby, is this a thing now or), and I don’t really remember my picking up saying orgo, haha, but it’s a thing.

Ochem all the way! Although the former lab tech at the local community college liked to abbreviate it “org”. It was strange.

My undergrad was Rutgers in New Jersey…we called it orgo.

We call it orgo over at Rice University (Houston, TX).

"Nothing in all the world is as desirable as God’s love, and yet it’s so rarely received. How lonely God must be, to love us as He does, only to watch us deny ourselves that love until we think we’ve earned it. God already said that every holy instruction could be summed up in this: love me back."

— Unka Glen (